The Power solution in elevation.

Stealth 40 VXB L=4.800 mm

A new concept electro-hydraulic scissor lift, with extra-low profile and no obstrusions on the floor between platforms, with capacity of 4.000 kg (8.800 Ibs)
LT capacity 4.000 kg (8800 Ibs)

The lift is already according the updating of August 2010 of the Norm En 1493.


N - standard platform, not equipped
CA - front recess on platform for turn plates and/or play detectors
CT - total convergence with front recess on platform and rear slip plates
LT - auxiliary lift for wheel free working

All lifts are availabe in the above ground and flush mount, one way and drive through versions

Main Features:

Lift capacity: 4.000 kg
LT capacity: 4.000 kg
Platform lenght : 4.800 mm standard (upon request 3.900 mm and 4.400 mm, too)
Collapsed height: 180 mm