O.ME.R. S.p.A.
Via G. Galilei, 20
30035 - Mirano (Venezia)
Tel. +39 041 5700303 - Fax +39 041 5700273
e-mail: info@omerlift.com
Since 1978, O.ME.R. has been engaged in the search for innovative vehicle parking solutions. The constant growth in the number of motor vehicles has led to the development of new technologies for parking systems. This is why our company, a leader in the production of car lifts aimed to automatic parking systems, provides such a broad line of models able to fully satisfy your expectations. For additional information, please visit the parking equipment section of our web site.
The company specializes in the production of innovative parking systems that offer the industry new solutions. The high quality of the materials used and the care we take in preparing them mean that every parking system is guaranteed a long useful life regardless of whether it is installed indoors or out. The professionalism of our engineering staff is a further guarantee of the quality of our service lifts. For a complete overview of our line of O.ME.R. parking systems, come visit our site!
The PARKMATIC is one of the completely automated systems that O.ME.R. offers. It is an electro-hydraulic system whose lifting functions and equipment are completely automated. Our experience in this sector allows us to provide the right compromise between efficiency and reliability that distinguishes high quality automotive lifts. These characteristics make our parking systems the perfect choice for any customer, even the most demanding.
O.ME.R. is a leading company in the production of advanced parking systems and truck lifts. We have an entire department dedicated to researching innovative solutions and, over time, this has stimulated the evolution of our automatic parking systems, as well. Today, we are proud to have a broad product line for both indoor and outdoor use that provides customers with an accessory that fully meets their expectations. On our web site you can browse through a fully-articulated catalogue that describes all the products our company has to offer you.
All the automatic parking systems that O.ME.R. makes provide an innovative solution for optimising the use of any space, even the smallest by converting any unused or hard-to-use volume or area in a “parking space”. The foundation of our company's success lies precisely in the search for increasingly state-of-the-art tools for this sector. From 1978 to today, we have learned to understand each customer's real needs, substantially offering each customer a personalized solution and adding unique features to each product (including two post lifts!).