The Power solution in elevation.

We have been giving you only the best since 1978.

O.ME.R. S.p.A. has always been a leader Company in the field of manufacturing of lifts for both light and heavy vehicles, car lifts, and parking systems, from the most simple to the fully automated ones.

Products in evidence

MCO 86

MCO 86 - Mobile Columns OMER

Electro/hydraulic mobile columns

FLY 35

Fly 35 and Fly 35 DH

Small but strong! The best solution for narrow spaces...



The LEM has a lifting capacity of kg 1400. Used to facilitate and safely perform the installation and removal of HV batteries, electric car battery packs, transmissions, gearboxes, clutches, engines and various components of the car chassis. .

O.ME.R. represents the best for every car and lifting cargo needs: we design, manufacture, market and export lifting equipments for cars and heavy vehicles, with both wheel and chassis contact systems, specifically conceived for the world's tire shops, play detectors for cars and trucks and a wide range of accessories, which are all designed to enable and facilitate any lifting operation for people and vehicles safely. Our experts are at customers' complete disposal for the realization of any personalized and customized project