The Power solution in elevation.

Fox 45 VX

O.ME.R. presents the brand new Fox 45 VX, with freedom in movement thanks to the absence of the torsion bar as the Fox 50. It has a generous size as the Fox 45, but more compact that this last thanks to its height of only 268 mm (lift all closed).

The lift is already consistent with European standard EN 1493 of August 2010.



N - standard runway (not equipped)
I - flush Mount version
CA - front recess for turn plates and/or play detectors
CT - total convergence front recess + rear slip plates
LT - version with lift-table for wheel free working

Main features :

Lenght = 4.800 mm
Capacity = 4.500 Kg
LT version capacity = 3.500 Kg
VX = no torsion bar

Safety Devices:

Parachute valves on the lift and LT
Low voltage control circuit (24V)
"Dead -man " Controls
Automatically-activated mechanical safety locks
Photocells for Platform synchronization control
Limit switch with acoustic warning for the complete lowering