The Power solution in elevation.


Play detectors for heavy vehicles - with 4 movements


Heavy Duty Vehicle lifts (more than 3500 kg):

SPD4 installed on the lift
SPDC4 installed on the pit

• Longitudinal travel of each plate 100mm (3,9 inch)
• Transversal travel of each plate 100mm (3,9 inch)
• Diagonal travel of each plate 140mm (5,5 inch)

The SPD4 and SPDC4 play detectors can be divided into two classes:
CLASS 1 and CLASS 2.
The two classes differ by the max allowable load for each axle, that is:
• CLASS 1 max allowable load 80,000 N (8,000 kg/17600 lbs)
• CLASS 2 max allowable load 130,000 N (13,000 kg/28600 lbs)
The operation of the play detectors plates in CLASS 1 or CLASS 2 mode
and vice-versa is selected using a switch.
More precisely, the max allowable operating pressure is:
• for CLASS 1: 127 BARS
• for CLASS 2: 206 BARS