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Heavy Duty Vehicles Lifts

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Vega 90
The sector of heavy vehicle lits is one of the levers on which the company has always focused strongly. Current production includes, in fact, one of the most complete ranges of products for the heavy lifting of platform you'll ever meet in the market, by presenting iself two distinct product lines: KAR and VEGA. Both lines, due to their special design, allow a wide range of customization as to meet all different needs and requirements and application. The product range moves from 9 to 60 ton capacities and platform lenghts which can reach 18 m. Such limits however, might be overpassed upon O.ME.R' s careful evaluation of any projects.
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Kar 350
Designed to meet current market needs, O.ME.R. lifts have proved to be a reference range of products in the world of heavy lifts. Equipped with a structure of strong visual impact, at first glance, they convey the idea of solidity and strength, which last over the years. KAR line, thanks to its original design, is a line which can make the work environment perfect: the wide open space that is created under the two-platforms and around the lift, allows the operators total freedom of movement. The Vega line, which for over 30 years has been a sound reference in the Heavy Duty world, is a state- of- the -art product, the highest expression of the experience the company has developed.
All lifts are equipped with new-generation safety devices that O.ME.R. has always granted to its customers, such as:
Mechanical jacks on the cylinder of each leg (housed in a protected position under platform itself
Parachute valve installed on each cylinder
Photocell to check the alignment between the lift platforms
Pressure relief valve

There is also a wide range of optional accessories which can be mounted on the lifts dipending on the customer's needs.

To sum up , OMER Heavy Duty lifts, can be successfully used in any condition while offering the advantage of a wide range of customization accordingly to the specific needs of the customer by starting from the analysis of a few simple parameters:
- Needed capacity
- Type of vehicle to be lifted
- Longitudinal and transverse load distribution
- internal / external Installation
- Washbay areas
- accessories

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O.ME.R. lifs are exclusive models and most of them are awarded international patents.
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