The Power solution in elevation.

KAR 80

The perfect solution for medium weight vehicles!

Electro-hydraulic pantograph lift, vertical lifting, uncluttered ground, ideal for maintenance and lifting of light industrial vehicles.

With sturdy and compact structure, this lift presents a perfectly stable lane, synonymous of safety and long term reliability.
The maximum freedom of movement under the lane and on the area in front of the lift is granted by the particular structure of this lift.

The lift is already consistent with European standard EN 1493 of August 2010.

Product Description


Above ground / Flush mount
Service (N)
Wheels alignment (CT)

Key Features:

Capacity: 8.000 kg
H. lift closed = 260 mm
Standard platforms lenght: 6.000 mm / 7.000 mm
Electronic balancing system with automatic leveling

Safety devices:

Mechanical locks on each cylinder
Counterbalancing valve on each cylinder slave
Five max. pressure valves
Photocells for alignment
Low voltage controls


Air kit
Light Kit
Winter kit
Lifting traverses
Automatic pit covering platforms for flush mount version