The Power solution in elevation.


O.ME.R  S.P.A.


In the seventies O.ME.R. founder, Mr. Eride Rossato Cav., plans, designs and patents Vega, the first lift without columns and with a new parallelogram design. It is an invention without precedent, destined to revolutionize the world market scenery very quickly by becoming a reference point for both users and manufacturers themselves. Vega series primarily colonizes Italy starting from Agip service stations, thanks to its versatility and the freedom of movement it grants to the operator. From then on, the step for O.ME.R. towards the exportation of its products in Europe and in the overseas countries is really short. OMER entrance in the American market in 1982, where the Company is still present with its own sister company,OMER USA IncOMER Deutschland GmBH

Passion, innovation and flexibility

O.ME.R S.p.A., leader Company in the lifting vehicles field is operating worldwide, always expressing its own mission of creating and offering high quality lifts and solutions. The Company is located in Mirano (Venice), and the reputation of OMER brand is due to its ability of merging the vocation/talent for quality research with the continuous innovation in the solutions. This has actually translated itself into issued 60 patents worldwide and a wide range of products suitable to meet almost every exigencies in the market. The flexibility and ability to meet the different needs are witnessed by the range of available products, automotive lifting (granting a lifting capacity ranging from 2,600 kg to 45,000 kg), and parking system (from the simple parking duplicators, to the multi-storey car lift platforms, up to the more complex robotic and fully automated car parking systems).


Among its most prestigious customers O.ME.R can number numerous Italian and foreign municipality and manufacturers of cars and lorries such as Scania, Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes and Ferrari and the Italian Red Ferrari, for which we manufacture customized products according to different types of production lines of new car models.