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Vehicle Lifts for cars

The current production includes more than 100 different types of hydraulic pantograph lifts, scissor and mixed system, with capacities from 2.600 kg to 8.000 kg in different versions, depending on the estimated use, for lifting cars, buses, trucks and tracked vehicles of all types and of all capacities.
Ponte sollevatore a contatto gomma Kar 55
O.ME.R. core product is the new KAR line. This new innovative-design lift combines the features of hardiness, perfect stability under all loading conditions, and a generous open space around and under platforms. From O.ME.R 's perspective, this is bound to replace the scissors lift in the future. Kar is the hightest expression of O.ME.R. creativity and handicraft, a perfect merging of elegance, hardiness and versatility. These features turn Kar line into a perfect symbol of the “Made in Italy”. The Kar lifts family today includes: KAR 45 (cap. 4.5 T), KAR 55 (cap. 5.5 T), , KAR 80 (cap. 8 T).
kar 80
The lift, as it is designed, fits to the maximum customization, and is able to meet the needs of various garages , repairs shop etc. Furthermore, the new patented ASO system prevents any kind of deformation, torsion, or mechanical stress on the platforms, legs and bases which can be generated by ther irregular weight distribution of the loaded vehicles. If, in addition to the features described above, we add the semplicity of the mechanic and electronic features of the lift, it is easy to understand why Karincreasingly becoming a successfull product.
These innovative characteristics in fact make it so popular and required for both different applications and different sectors all over the world: from Municipality to railway Companies, from the Army to the production plants, from the dealers to all private companies, “Kar” perfectly answers safety and quality requirements of high level installations.
Thanks to the success of Kar, O.ME.R brand is still considered as synonym of prestige,reliability and for-sightedness.
Fox 50
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Among the most popular and appreciated lifts for cars, there is the historic Fox in the CT / LT version, which offers maximum versatility for wheel alignment and any other use, equipped with wheel free additional lift-table and access ramp on the platform, which ensure the maximum space available on the ground when the lift is raised up. There are other lifts equally popular, such us Stealth, a lift with ultra low proflie for the convergence, and VIVA employed in the most modern garages, service stations,auto repairs shop, car washes and tire retailers for years.

O.ME.R. lifts are exclusive models and most of them are awarded international patents.
O.ME.R. lifts are approved by the major international certification bodies.
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