The Power solution in elevation.


Hydraulic lift Trolley

The LEM has a lifting capacity of kg 1400. Used to facilitate and safely perform the installation and removal of HV batteries, electric car battery packs, transmissions, gearboxes, clutches, engines and various components of the car chassis. .

Main Features
-Operation by keypad (stop button, key switch, up button, down button)
-Hydraulic cylinder.
-Max reachable height 2018 mm
-Equipped with auxiliary table
Anti-rotation system
-ease of manoeuvring, thanks to fully loaded swivel wheels.
-Gripping points with 4 height-adjustable pads and extensions that can be pulled out in both directions, (longitudinal and transversal) max 1460 mm, max 815 mm or with support surface with threads every 12 cm to house support templates for the parts of the 'car (engines, clutches, gearboxes, etc.)
Security system
-dead-man controls
-emergency stop button
-low voltage motor and electrical circuit (24 volts) with rechargeable battery power supply
-electric block valves and parachute block valves
-the batteries make it extremely convenient to operate the LEM, without the need for cable or air hoses